Cities as main actors for the energy transition

In brief:

The next Decarb Cities conference will be hosted in Vienna, on the 25th and a networking dinner will take place the evening prior to the conference on the 24th of February! Take this unique opportunity to learn more about new trends and technologies in urban energy transition, maintaining local air quality, reduction of urban heat islands and provision of a fair share of cities in the fight against global warming.

About the Decarb Cities Conference

An increasing share of humans live in cities. This trend requires no-pollution solutions to maintain local air quality, reduce the effect of heat islands and provide the fair share of cities in the fight against climate change.

DecarbCities forum will address this challenge and will present technical and organizational solutions to cities, in particular when it comes to the replacement of existing fossil combustion technology using polluting fuels such as coal, oil and gas. The location of the conference, Vienna, is particularly suited to connect eastern and western cities, discussing which solutions are applicable to the specificities of the East European building stock.

The program will include high-level discussions on urban planning and development, European energy policies, and on the capabilities and future application of urban energy systems.

Who should participate?

The Decarb Cities conference will give a unique opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the European Heat Pump Association’s main fields of work: zero emission heat supply, circular energy economy and cities, challenges and solutions in cities. Therefore, this event is particularly relevant to 

  • City, national and EU representatives
  • Energy and city planners
  • Planning officers
  • Building operators
  • Social housing companies
  • Solution providers from the heating and cooling industry,
  • Researchers in the fields of buildings, energy and sector integration

EU policy makers, city representatives, national goverment representatives, industry, academics, urban energy planners, suppliers of energy systems and urban energy experts from private and public institutions.

About the organisers:

The DecarbCities is organised by:

European Heat Pump Association (EHPA AISBL)

EHPA promotes awareness and deployment of heat pump technology in Europe. All activities aim at creating a market environment that facilitates a faster deployment of heat pump technology to unleash its benefits on a European level: efficient heating and cooling using renewable energy. EHPA also coordinates the Heat Pump Keymark – a European certification scheme for all heat pumps, combination heat pumps and hot water heater. For more information, please visit: www.ehpa.org . 

Wärmepumpe Austria

Representing the Austrian heat pump industry, over 250 companies organize their interests
in the association Wärmepumpe Austria. We see ourselves as an inter-company and non-partisan representation of interests along the entire value-added chain. Our members include all well-known manufacturers and distributors of heat pumps, electricity supply companies as well as suppliers and drilling companies. Our installation partners are the link to the customer, promoting renewable environmental heat and standing for quality and efficiency. We are an active member of the European Heat Pump Association and represent the Austrian interests in Europe.

Energy Cities

Energy Cities is a network of 1,000 local governments in 30 countries. We believe that the energy transition is about more than renewable energy or great technologies: It is about a wise use of resources while strengthening local participation and well-being in a democratic Europe.

Energy Cities wants a radical transformation of the energy systems and policies, giving citizens the power to shape a decentralised and renewable energy future. We trigger a trustful dialogue between citizens, local leaders and EU & national institutions to accelerate the energy transition in Europe.

EU Covenant of Mayors

The EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy brings together thousands of local governments voluntarily committed to implementing EU climate and energy objectives. The Covenant of Mayors was launched in 2008 in Europe with the ambition to gather local  governments voluntarily committed to achieving and exceeding the EU climate and energy targets. Not only did the initiative introduce a first-of-its-kindbottom-up approach to energy and climate action, but its success quickly went beyond expectations. The initiative now gathers 9,000+ local and regional authorities across 57 countries drawing on the strengths of a worldwide multi-stakeholder movement and the technical and methodological support offered by dedicated offices.

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